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To support the L6 Professional Higher Diploma course CILEx recommends various textbooks and statute books to support each unit which can be viewed here.

The CILEx Tutorial College (ITC) also produces course manuals to accompany each CILEx Level 3 and Level 6 unit. These may be purchased from their online shop.

For A level Law the recommended textbooks are

However, if you do not wish to incur the cost of buying brand new reference material, Wessex Law Academy encourages a book exchange scheme where former students can swap or pass on books at favourable rates. Please contact Sue Press on  if you wish to participate in this scheme Alternatively, Wessex Law Academy has a small law library detailed here and enrolled students can reserve books by emailing

Virtual resources

In addition to textbooks, Wessex Law Academy has its own virtual learning environment called ‘Moodle’ where a range of resources (for instance, power-point presentations, web links, quizzes and forums) can be found to support each course/class.  To access such resources students will be given login details and a password upon enrolment.

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CILEx Study Buddies & Mentors

Wessex Law Academy recommends that students join their local branch of CILEx as this provides an opportunity to meet other trainees and form study groups, as well as attend professional development events which enhances learning.  The local branch can also provide an opportunity to meet qualified fellows who may be able to act as mentors to those in training.

To join the Somerset CILEx branch please email or contact them through Facebook.

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